Your leading suppliers of Workwear

We also supply Personal Protection Equipment and Hospitality Clothing

Quality Material

  • Meets full European standards and are CE marked
  • Are long lasting from hardwearing fibres
  • Can survive the demands of the everyday working environment.
  • Wash excellently


Specialists since 1965

Having originally been in the clothing and fashion industry for a number of decades manufacturing and supplying multiple high street brands, workwear was a natural addition to the product line.

With our wealth of experience within the UK the manufacturing of Kuest workwear products receive the highest level of attention to maintain the highest standards that have made us the reputable company we are today.

We are International


Being volume manufactures and distributors we have extensive understanding of the supply chain ensuring our customers have what they need in a timely manner. If you need something bespoke just Contact Us today.

Kuest delivers high quality products and service to all its UK and International customers 7 days a week so why not let use make your day a little easier. Contact Us today.